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for the most part IT IS retards attempting poetry
bottom line rap is 95% fucking BULLSHIT end of story because yes hos and killing people what the fuck ever and this INCLUDES PARTIALLY to underground as well but the good rap which there is VERY LITTLE of basically consists of love and all that GOOD stuff abd that doesnt mean angry rap is bad eminem is angry but good because its emotions not senseless acts of killing people and what not and i am a metal lover i hate punk almost more than rap because punk like most rap is an excuse for mainstream media because its so pathetically put together and for some reason for some VERY STUPID REASON PEOPLE BUY IT! so anyways i admit there is metal i cant even listen to like the pure banging and screaming shit i fucking HATE it im talking about metal with MELODY some melodic shit and yeah i like the screaming but it depends how the screaming sounds as long as i can understand and sometimes not but it has to sound cool and the lyrics HAVE TO HAVE MEANING WITH EMOTION and to all you fuckers saying most of us are rednecks that hate rap after hearing 50 cent for 2 minutes thats the dumbest shit i have EVER heard yeah im sure there is some dumb fucks on here that you are right abotu but im definitely not one because i have heard all kinds of rap and there is some i like which from what i can recall is underground but some of it sucks regardless anyways im not making a quick judgement here believe me and i could go on but im really tired of typing so im done oh yeah and to whoever said rap is music with attitude has without a doubt no clue what he is talking about becasue that is exactly what metal is (for the most part) and i mean serious attitude

-the world isn't rendered in black and white other shades lie between
by verus amor June 11, 2008
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