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2 definitions by venganza

Having enough alcohal in the system to be unable to perform any sexual act(s) without falling over, vomiting, yelling obscene things, falling asleep.
-One of the few cures to this, is throwing a bucket of Ice-cold water onto said person(s) face.
Buddy : " Man, last night was the worst, my girlfriend and I were finally about to do the ' dirty deed ' but I had a drink or two too many and I couldn't do it. "

Friend : " Man, sounds like you had Whiskey Dick. "

Guy : "Hold on, did you fall over, or vomit or anything? "

Buddy : " yeah, and I eventually fell asleep. "

Guy : " You had alcohol cock. "
by venganza August 14, 2011
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Daryan is a traditionally Irish name which can be applied to either gender. In Greek mythology, Daryan is mentioned as the unattractive, female harlot of the underworld, frequently appearing among the living on Earth and taking many forms, mostly that of fire, lava, or, more generally a pear.
That's not pear you saw, that was Daryan!
by Venganza July 09, 2012
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