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A term used to describe a black person, who is stereotypically considered bad, poor, lazy, addict or criminal. This term was first used during the period when blacks were descriminated against and used as slaves. The white people would yell at them and call them a "filthy nigger" when they were slacking of while working out on the fields. This is why the word is so frowned upon today, because blacks feel they are losing their sense of control and being descriminated against just like those hard times. It is considered a racial crime when a white person uses the word nigger, but it is fine if a black person says the word. If the use of the word nigger wants to be banned then everyone will have to stop using the word, including black people themselves. It is interesting because when a white person says this word they are put into court against racial crimes, but if a black person would call a white person a term that is equivalent in descrimination as the word nigger nothing would happen to them. Think of it this way we have movies that show a white guy (ashton kutcher) going to meet his girlfriend's family (black). The black parents have something against him because he is not black. But if a movie were to be made where a black guy was going to meet a white family and they had something against him. How much controversy would that stir? weirrd isn't it???
If the term white trash is socially acceptable then nigger should be aswell.
by vasaliki May 07, 2006

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