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3 definitions by ureJUSTINtime

a phrase to describe how great the west coast of the United States is and to emphasize it's superiority to other coasts.
Weather man: "and there will be 20-30 inches of snow in Boston and New York tonight but here in Los Angeles it's sunny and 77 degrees"

Me: "west coast best coast"
by ureJUSTINtime December 26, 2010
20 4
a euphemism for vagina
"Dood.. it smells like fish"
"Clean up in the lady department"
by urejustintime July 21, 2009
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The way someone from Korea (or other Asian country) would say hello in Engrish
Mrs. Park said, "hewoah!" to her neighbor
by ureJUSTINtime January 08, 2010
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