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I had a roommate that would steal money from me when I was not home. When I confronted him, he sent me an email saying: I don't care if you call me a theft. In the real sense of the word, he is, but he meant a "thief." For crying out loud!! He is supposed to be a college graduate and he writes like that, that is the real theft. So according to him, a theft is a person who steals money from somebody else.
I don't care if you call me a theft, or My spouse is a dirty old theft, when I was a kid, i became a theft. haha!! very wrong.
by undercover agent 008 September 08, 2010
it is a concealed word that deals with sex servers who stand on city corners. Used in the presence of little kids as a reference of the word "whore" in plural, sounds like horse.
At the jail, most of the female offenders have been working on the street as Ponies.

She is just another Pony.
by undercover agent 008 September 08, 2010
It is the ghetto version of the word Road. Since the word Rode only means the verb to ride in the past tense, but every day more and more people are becoming lazy writers and much careless for verifying if they are wrong.
I have this word "rode" in so many social networking sites, that, it has become a disease.
I don't know what rode to chose in life... Now that is very deep thinking.

I was driving and i got on the wrong rode and I got lost. Soooo Ghetto! Use the dictionary and the GPS so you don't get on the wrong ROAD!
by undercover agent 008 September 08, 2010

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