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used when described a deep and intimate conversation between two individuals more often the opposite sex
"wow look at this laura me and you having a heart to heart , getting to know each other better".
by uk girl August 30, 2006
basically used to describe the relationship between two people that really get along with each other
me:"i like gemma she's a good lass, we get on like a house on fire"
by uk girl August 30, 2006
An Olympian from Australia who gets all the bitches. He's blonde, cool and knows how to have a good time. His rockin' bod combined with his dynamic personality makes him a great catch.
Girl 1: Do you see that fast Aussie??? He's soooo cute!

Girl 2: Yeah, his accent is so adorable! I want him!!!!!

Guy 1: Me too! I wish he was gay...

Girl 1: Must be Steven Solomon.
by UK Girl November 16, 2012
meaning getting told off, by someone, could be parent, teachers or managers
"i got my arse chewed at work for being late
by uk girl August 30, 2006
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