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A Loud and Obnoxious, Big Lip Ape Like Creature that love fuity drinks and fried chicken. A Nigger takes care of their crispy ashy black skin and velcro hair by going to the only obvious nigger isle in stores, where they can purchase coco butter, olive oil and hair maynaise. Niggers have their own language called ebonics. People might hear this alot on the radio but mostly on the streets. (Ebonics sound similar to wild apes found in jungles.) Not only do Niggers have their own language they also have unusual names. Examples are...Tarquata , Laquisha, Twandwiqa , and Jerome. Most niggers love too complain about everything to get things for free. Niggers believe that black people are the only race that dealt with slavery and love to mention slavery like they went through it themselves even though slavery mostly happend during the 1800's in the US.
(talking on cell phone)
SHANDWIQUA: Yo girrlllll , me and my homies are hitting up at Tar Tars' crib later! We is gonna get crunk nigga!, you comin!

( group of white folks walking on the street behind Shandwiqua )
WHITE GIRL: What is that accent ? Souds familiar but never heard that before around here.......sound ape like.
by twadinqua jones May 29, 2009
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