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Skanky ho celebrity that NO ONE is jealous of who has retarded fans who are always defending her by saying people who hate her are "jealis". Oh yeah, we are all so "jelous" of her STD's and her lack of a brain. Get real. She's a waste of space, a useless human that deserves NOTHING but ridicule, scorn, and derision. I would spit in her face if I ever met her, and I hope to be able to do just that one day. Oh and to you retards who love her, think about this: she would ignore you if she walked by you on the street, or make fun of you. Most guys think she's ugly and useless anyways. I hope she wrecks her Bentley into a wall and deforms her face even more than it already is, and gains 100lbs and dies of her super virulent strain of herpes.
Paris Hilton: Oh, let's see what I should do today. Go have sex with 50 guys and share the wealth of my STDs, waste some more of my daddy's money on $200 sweaters for my rat dog, get drunk at a club and screw 50 more guys, flash my tit or my nasty bony ass to the paparazzi, and basically be the useless cumdumpster that I am! That's Hot!

Me: Why don't you give some money to a homeless person or help a needy family?

Paris Hilton: No, they deserve to be poor, and Tinkerbell needs a new sweater, oh, I gotta go make fun of nice, smart, responsible people that actually WORK for a living, how not hot of them!

Me: I hope you die bitch
by tsarina amanda May 01, 2006

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1: Yet another talentless, vapid, useless celebrity on a par with other trash such as Hilary Duff, Paris Hiltonand Britney Spears. Also is a ugly, strung out alcoholic crack-whore that should be ignored into oblivion. Please boycott her movies and music, and whatever other useless crap she promotes, and maybe Hollywood will get the picture and stop shoving her down our throats.

2: To go from being an okay looking redhead with a nice body to yet another skinny, drug-addicted, useless Hollywood whore.

3: A person with a dysfunctional family including (but not limited to):
A. An overbearing, pushy, stage mother who pushes her ugly kids to make money and become famous so she can steal it and live off the accomplishments of her kids because she's basically useless, untalented and too ugly to be famous herself.
B. A drug-addicted father who beats the shiat out of his wife and terrorizes his family. Spends a LOT of time in jail, and writes letters to magazines about his famous daughter being poisoned against him by her bitch mother. Is also determined to get his hands on his daughter's money. Warps his skank daughter's mind so she develops "daddy issues" and goes around trying to bang men twice her age, but will pretty much screw anything or anyone.
C. An ugly little sister who looks like a troll, who is also being shoved into the spotlight by the aforementioned mother because she is greedy and wants MORE money.
D. Maybe more ugly, talentless siblings. Who knows or cares?

(Can be used as a verb or an adjective)
1) Me: What do you think of Lindsay Lohan?

99% of people: She's a nasty, talentless whore.

2) There goes Jessica. Remember when she had a nice body and pretty red hair? Now she's a total Lindsay Lohan!!

3)ex 1: Poor Amy. Did you hear about her dad going to jail for heroin possesion and her mom becoming a prostitute? Her family is totally Lindsay Lohaning down the crapper, what a shame. (verb)

ex 2: God, that guy's family is SO Lindsay Lohan, I hope he turns out OK. (adj)
by tsarina amanda May 01, 2006

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