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The most conceited women. Some are pretty but this group of contains the ugliest women in the world. Some have the misfortune of having pasty skin, making unsightly blemishes more noticeable, hence the use of makeup among this group. They have skin that usually turns pink in the sun and age quickly 18 and cannot live without makeup like other race of women who are naturally beautiful. Few have blonde hair and colored eyes but a lot dye their hair and get colored contacts. This practice is far more prevalent within this group than any other race of women. They also tan their skin and get butt implants since their rear is flat, triangular, and droopy. They usually have pointy noses hence again, the widespread use of “nose jobs” among the group in an attempt to get slender noses similar to those of East Africans. Another unfortunate trait is the line-like lips that characterize this group of women from others. So, lip injections are also a common practice among this group. Some are conditioned to believe that they are truly the prettiest because White men control the western media, hence, this group’s prevalence in beauty pageants, films, and magazines, all of which, again require Photoshop and make up to make their undesirable features better. White men have tried to create the illusion that white women are attractive to trick men of all races into thinking this group of women are beautiful but ironically, white men make up the largest proportion of male interracial daters.
White guy: Damn! Angelina Jolie is fine. She has those rare nice plump lips.
Black guy: Man she got them black girl lips not white women lips. Those come a dime a dozen to black girls man.

White guy: (sighs) true…

Some successful white males opt for dumb white women over non-white women as trophy wives because they see them as objects and they also divorce them after they turn 25 because their beauty does not last as long.

Other successful white males such as fashion designers, princes, and business tycoons who want real wives date smart white women or women of color.

At any white social gathering or public area, you will notice that white women always get more attention from white males because they are the only race of women there. But if say a sexy Asian, Black, or Latina were there, all eyes will be on her.
by truthforsho January 13, 2012

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