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A link some guy created when referring to "tldr." The fact you have clicked on this link probably means you have seen all there is to see on the Internet. Go outside, get some exercise.
Bob: I clicked on ˈæm·br&#596
Steve: wow, I didn't know that was possible. You need to get a life
by trever adams November 28, 2010
When someone is beyond just a normal "douche" bag, they are actually the equal to a Nazi douche bag from the World War II era. This term is typically reserved for douche bags on the political scale.
Voter: That Rick Perry is a Deutsch Bag.
by Trever Adams October 27, 2011
A phrase used by actor Charlie Sheen to describe a plethora of feelings and attitudes. Can be used for both expressing excitement and joy, or used to answer a question.
Example A

(Charlie Sheen receives a suprise)

Charlie Sheen: Winning!

Example B

Reporter: Are you bi-polar?
Charlie Sheen: Psh. I'm bi-winning.
by Trever Adams March 03, 2011
Like a Power Nap, when you have no time to waste and squeeze out a turd as fast as possible. Unlike other suggestions, this dump is normally performed at work, often with the consumption of fast food.
Tom couldn't hold the prairie dog while closing the deal, so he lied to the customer about "blowing his nose" so he could take a power dump!
by Trever Adams February 12, 2011
When a man walks into a room and all the weak men's anuses pucker. Not a homosexual thing. Like when a dog humps another dog of the same sex.
Guy 1: Oh shit, here comes the boss. My asshole just puckered.

Guy 2: Obviously someone has established dominance.
by Trever Adams August 11, 2009

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