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3 definitions by translayta

A tall humanoid like man who used to sing in Glee and wears sequined vests. Also man who is easily torn between wearing a tweed jacket and a jaquard blazer.

Because of his background in Glee - the "Glee-vink" loves to hear their own voice.
He is such a "Glee-vink". Oh he used to be in Choir in High School he must be a "Glee-vink". Tweed or Plaid - grow up man don't be such a "Glee-vink". You talk too much man you love to hear your own voice just like a "Glee-vink"
by translayta November 22, 2011
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Viral Vinny is that guy in the office who hears something and within minutes it is Global via social media. He is rarely without his cell phone and has large callouses on his fingers from constant texting on his "Crackberry" (BlackBerry)
Don't be a Viral Vinny and send that email. Do not tell Suri you Viral Vinny. No more texting Vinny.
by translayta November 24, 2011
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The guy who always hurls on a fishing trip.

One who becomes queezy, light headed and throws up on a boat.

A big dude who has a "techno-color" yawn out on the high sea.

The dude who "blows chunks" while fishing.
Watch it guys - we need a bucket for ChunkDawg !!!

Here she blows- Chunkdawg over the starboard bow!

OMG Ray don't be a Chunkdawg take a seasick pill dude!!!
by translayta June 05, 2012
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