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when you smoke so much weed you are beyond the point of stoned and the possibilty of vomiting is very real
Ohhhh shit, I shouldn't have taken that last bong Rip! I'm sooo fuckin' Zooted!
by Tony Reno September 11, 2003
the intentional occurence of flatulance in bed following sexual intercourse in which the male forcefully holds the bitches head under the covers until the stink is gone. Usually an indication that the bitch needs to leave.
Dude, this bitch would not shut the fuck up after I fucked her... so i gave a nasty wet mexican oven to shut her the fuck up.
by Tony Reno April 05, 2004
of the cannibus familia, a plant smoked for its mellowing effects, also a plant that when smoked produces the "munchies" and makes stupid shit funny
That crazy rasta just tried to sell me some ganja! I hope its good!
by tony Reno January 19, 2004

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