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A common surname harkening back to Roman times. At upscale public baths there were teams of people who would run about under the latrines who would reach up with two fingers and wipe the sweat from the patron's taint. This act was known as "frazing". Individuals with this profession were known as "Frazers" hence the name.
Roman #1: What do you do for work, Citizen?
Roman #2: I'm a Frazer.
Roman #1: Now I recognize those fingers!
by tombot86 January 30, 2012
Getting a blowjob when angry at the giver, you time your fart to happen just before ejaculation so that when the blower recoils in disgust, you blow your load in their face.
I gave my girlfriend a toxic avenger after she burnt my toast
by TomBot86 June 06, 2011
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