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gay black man. A black man of the gay persuasion
Good lord look at that hombro.
by tom woodrow January 02, 2006
the act of postponing having a shit , either self inflicted or for want of a toilet.
1)god damn I've been needing a shit for hours " I've got shit rage "
2)cant wait to feed the toilet, I've got shit rage
by tom woodrow March 17, 2007
dick or penis , male member
god damn ! you have a big Shlod
by tom woodrow January 02, 2006
something wrong with its appearance.
fuwk me donny look at that woman's face looks like a clobbered cock
by tom woodrow August 30, 2011
when some is crap, rubbish , shit etc
your hair cut is Gint !!!!
by tom woodrow January 02, 2006

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