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A race taking over california, specifically the valley because they pick all of our fruits. They complain that they do all the work and that white people are lazy. In all actuality, if it wasn't for white people, mexicans would not have any work to do here. The only reason mexicans pick all the fruit is because they are not qualified to do anything else. They come here with no education, with no intention of ever learning english (look at mcdonalds employees). There is nothing else for them to do but hard labor that nobody else will do. I have never came accross a mexican CEO. Also mexicans tend to ruin everything. They are in gangs everywhere and tag the walls to make our town look like shit. They think they are badass because they drive a cheap old c class or escalade with big ugly walmart rims and put purple lights on it. They roll around town bumping their beaner music, with their stereos that cost more than their car. On cinco de mayo they come through town with mexican flags on the hoods of their cars while blaring their music like always. If they are so proud to be mexican then maybe they should go back. The vast majority of mexicans do not respect their city as well as their neighbors. Only a few people come from mexico and do good for our state as well as our country.
OOO Man is that an escalade? Nice reems

Yeah essay its a 99 i got it for 2 thousand bucks. the reems were on sale at walmart. Speeners!

-retarded mexicans
by tmoney408 October 24, 2010

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