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portmanteau of "smug" and "ugly." describes a person who is ugly, yet has the sense of entitlement, superiority complex and impatience for others that one would traditionally expect from a dimepiece.

usually applies to ugly girls whose rich parents feel sorry for them and overcompensate by spoiling them senseless
Jon R: Oh... sorry man. Did she at least have a good personality?

Tim R: Nah. She's smugly.
by timr21 October 05, 2011
A person who occupies a bathroom stall and refuses to make any BM noises until the entire bathroom has been vacated. Occasionally, a bathroom ninja will even go so far as to stand on the toilet seat to avoid detection by other bathroom-goers.
Jacob hid in the shadows cast by the stall walls like a bathroom ninja until the final shitter had left the restroom.
by timr21 August 15, 2014
portmanteau of "denied" and "annihilated," indicating utter domination, humiliation and disgrace at the hands of a rival.
Jon R: Yo, the Detroit Lions just got dennihilated.

Tim R: No shit.
by timr21 September 15, 2011

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