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alright to all the people who say weed is ba fo you and weed smokers go nowhere in life, your wrong. sure some weed smokers go nowhere, but many of them go on to be doctors lawyers ect. and often alot of the good atheletess in high school smoke weed, and ALSO carry the good grades. if you can do all tht, hell, thts better than the lil nerd who goes hoem and does hours of homework. ALso as far as weed being dangerous, the onyl bad helth issue is the smoke. Ciggerettes and alochol are both MUCH worse for the human body, also how many ppl do u hear of dying because of weed ? hmm very lil ehh ? howbout how many ppl dying of cancer from cigs or dying in car crashes form alohcol ? also some inorant people wil prob say well, peopel die because of drug issues, like gang wars ect. Well if there weren;t; peopel out there liek you who complained about weed, it owuld be illegal therefore no more killign over drugs, how many ppl u hear get shot over cigs or alochol . see whaat the gov is doing to itself ?
i just smoked some weed, so i beeter be on the safe side, so ill drive home slowly, eat some food and watch a funny movie

"(most likely crashed a car already or is impregentaing an innocent woman)
by thome jhay August 20, 2008

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