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3 definitions by thepoiboy

A funky-worded comment of a person, place or thing that is deemed to be so amazing, its oozing in its own awesome nature.

Typically stated as a verbal remark out loud. Also coined often on Facebook, when commenting on friend's photos.
Michael: Hey, I just got 2 tickets to see Lily Allen. I bought one for you.

Zara: Really? Awesomesaucesome!! Thanks man!
by thepoiboy April 04, 2009
wherein an individual leaves their Facebook profile logged in and unattended.. leaving it open to have their status update free to be comically or embarrassingly changed by another person.
status update frapping >> Michael Jones: I better get my anal leaking in check!
by thepoiboy July 31, 2011
The excessive sweat build-up under an obese man's man-boobs.
Wow, that dude's got some nasty man-swoob going on.
by thepoiboy July 12, 2014