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4 definitions by thebossfan0328

The insane, near impossible feat of not masturbating for all 40 days of Lent.
Taylor: "I'm doing the 40 day challenge."
Alex: I tried that last year. I lasted about a day!
by thebossfan0328 February 17, 2010
It happens when a female spontaneously spurts blood out of her chest.
"Holy Shit!!! Lady GaGa just had a chest period at the VMA's"
by thebossfan0328 September 13, 2009
A state of being not drunk but not sober
"We left the bar in a state of not sobriety."
by thebossfan0328 August 25, 2008
Phrase first coined by George N. Parks. A speaker says it before saying something.
Start Thought: (Important Statement)
by thebossfan0328 August 05, 2008