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Face sitting is when one person sits on another person's face. Any gender can be the face sitter, and any gender can be the face sit recipient, or face "sittee." For this definition, picture a woman sitting on a man's face. The face sitter can wear pants, dress, undergarments, be butt naked, etc.

A woman can sit on a man's face in different ways.

The frontal face sit is when the woman sits on the man's face with her back to his feet. This position allows him to see her face, belly, etc. Or it could be lights out. (She's sitting flat on top of his face)

The reverse face sit is when the woman sits on the man's face while looking in the direction of his feet. Depending on how the woman is sitting, the man could see her back, just the back part of her butt, or it could be lights out. (She's sitting flat on top of his face).

The side face sit is halfway between the reverse and frontal face sits. Depending on how she sits on his face, he could see her side.

Partial cover is when she sits on part of his face. Full cover is when she sits flat on top of his face. (His face is completely covered).

Hover is when the woman sits on the guy's face without applying her full weight. The mustache ride is an example. She's "hovering" above his face while he eats her out.

Full weight face sit is when the woman sits flat on top of the man's face, causing it to bear her sitting weight.

Face sitting is used in five main areas: Foreplay, domination, fantasy role play, mischief, or accident.

Foreplay: The full weight reverse face sit is one of the most effective ways to service a woman. You maximize her pleasure without sustaining neck strain and upper body strain.

Domination: This is when the woman forces her butt on the man's face. This is used the same way whipping, flogging, spanking, etc, would be used. Instead of punishing the man with pain, she punishes him with face sitting humiliation.

Under domination, the woman could also force the man to serve as her face seat cushion. She sits on his face and does anything she'd do while sitting down. On the other side of the coin to this is fantasy role play. The man fantasizes being the woman's face chair, and the woman makes that fantasy a reality.

Face sitting is a good way to be silly. One popular example of this would be the woman sitting on a passed out, drunk man's, or woman's face...while having a picture, or video, made to record the act.

Face sitting could also happen as a result of an accident. An example is when a woman stumbles back, falls on someone behind her, and lands her butt on the other person's face.

Face sitting is used in cunnilingusbatio and queening.
That hot woman was face sitting me while I ate her out.
by thebesig August 20, 2008

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