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Cool guy, who has cool Sharingan eyes, and proper whips ass.
See episode 82 for his debut fight
Itachi: I won't take as long as Kisame if i do this...
Kakashi: Ninpou Suiton Suijinheki!!
by the_guitarist September 03, 2005
One of the legendary Sannins with massive knockers. She is blonde and is now currently the 5th hokage of Konoha, Sakura is now her current apprentice.
She ahs inhumane strength and once knocked Jiraiya 100 metres back.
Tsunade: If you master the Rasengan in one week...
by the_guitarist September 03, 2005
a girlfriends worst enemy.
Girlfriend: It's me or Pro Evo! what's it gonna be?
Boyfriend :...Pro evo

Girlfriend: Your not playing pro evo again are you?
Boyfriend : Yup!

Girlfriend: Ever since you bought that game you never spend time with me anymore!
Boyfriend carries on playing pro evo and ignores girlfriend

#football #game #pro #evo #row
by the_Guitarist March 10, 2007
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