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townie vocab

1) mate
2) d'ked
3) faggot
4) startin
5) yah mam
6) " "'s got balls
7) fuckin bang yah
8) mak'e'Ds
9) G-Unit
10) lend us 10p
11) ciggi
12) hes not a mosher, hes a emu (emo joke)
13) lend us a ciggi
14) nob ed
15) wheres the crew
16) easy
17) get the skater
18) wat yah lookin at?!
19) smashed
20) muppet


townies beat up old men and women for there chip shop money to buy "ciggis" and cider, they drive down streets, late at night, in shitty corsas, at 15 or 50 mph. sit on street corners, at night getting smashed and fucked out of there heads.

they are the scum of the underworld, the rats of society and they are all "muppets".

p.s do your part for society, kill a townie.
im not going to give you an example cos all you need to do is go outside macdonalds, nettos or jacksons and you will see for yourself.
by the voice of Hull April 26, 2004

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