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Home of the late Johnny Cash and birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger. A land of milk and honey where the air smells like lollypops and 90% of residents urniate potable, premium flavored coffee.
While walking down peaceful 12th Avenue in Nashville, I encountered a Unicorn sitting on a giant marshmallow. He played me a song on his old guitar and then spent 20 minutes carefully shaving ice to craft a raspberry-flavored snow cone for me.
by The Sarcastic Wordsmith August 28, 2006
Used to describe a grouchy, uncooperative person.

To display a pouty, difficult demeanor based on nothing other than being in a crabby mood.
Awwww, is somebody a wittle attitudinal today? Frickin' whineyass crybaby.
by the sarcastic wordsmith January 01, 2005
Adjective form of the commonly used noun "jackass."

A passive-aggressive insult.

Usually used in situations and settings where swearing or blue language is not allowed, like corporate boardrooms, church, the family dinner table, etc.

Often allows speaker to call someone a jackass without the recipient of the insult even realizing what they are being called. Allows for a two-pronged verbal attack: 1) recipient is labled a jackass, 2) recipient suffers the embarrassment of being called a word that sounds like they should know the definition of, but don't. It this context, jackastic is a passive aggressive word.
I appreciate your passion for this quarter's sales results, Bob, but if you could save jackastic observations for the Q & A segment, we would all appreciate it.

Does the fact that you got cut from the cheerleading squad again explain why you are being so jackastic today?
by the sarcastic wordsmith December 31, 2004

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