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-some dumb shit who thinks that video games cuase global warming, school shootings, the rapture, mad cow disease, and huricane katrina. He continues to sue Grand Theft Auto, and almost never wins. I personally think that he is just lining up scapegoats for when kids kill someone. (like me)
Jack Thompson sucks donkey balls.
by the samm April 25, 2007
Used to address one of your close friends and/or buddies.
yo! whazzup, homeslice?
yeah, jakes my homeslice.
by the samm April 25, 2007
Someone is a ninja if their dick is licenced as a lethal weapon.
Bob: "Dude! That guy just killed 9 people with his dick!"

Jim: "Yup, hes a ninja."
by The samm April 27, 2007

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