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G unit is a rap group containing 50 cent, lloyd banks, tony yayo, and young buck, with numerous other rappers signed to their recording company. Mostly at the top of the game of rap, with the members singing in current hip songs ie. Money in the bank by Lil scrappy feat. young buck.

style of the gang is to create beef to become the biggest problem that nobody wants to fuck with. 50 cent has over 60 million dollars and lives in mike tyson's crib so how much could he suck? his first deal was with eminem, one of the greatest rap legends, and did records with tupac fucking shakur and notorious B.I.G!!! how fucking much can he suck to do that shit?! he is awesome. and anyone who talks about the snitchin shit....just doesnt know what they are talking about but are just trying to expand on something they heard. SNITCHIN is refering to a song 50 made droppin some names of drug dealers.

50 was the first rapper to have 4 songs in the top 10 of the billboards since the beatles. THATS PRETTY FUCKING GOOD. and does anyone have some proof that 50 cent is gay? anyone show me some fucking proof? if you can please let me know and i will THINK OTHERWISE. UNTIL THEN I HOLLA G G G G G UNNIT!
Step up in the club they like who u with?
g unit in the house ya thatsmy clique

by the realest g unit October 22, 2006

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