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Pocatello: Karmic Debt Center, Pacific Northwest Region
Ask anyone why they are there. The lists are long and full of bizare such as, "my girlfriends and I were getting drunk and were joking on where to move. So we pulled out a map and darts , and where did the dart land? Pocatello." The 'rubber band effect' is also a problem there as well. You can live there for as less as 6 months, leave for twenty years and return for no reason at all. Yes, its true that a large portion of the town, 50,000 ppl., rolls up its sidewalks on sunday but there are worst places. Try Bonners Ferry, ID. for instance. At least there is more than two gas stations and one resturant open on sunday. If you don't mind being poor comfortably, move to Pocatello. Just try and score a job before you come, ok? Good luck, and good hunting!
by the only mad hatter April 28, 2007

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