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3 definitions by the merf

Fucking a bitch with an inanimate object to convince her that your dick is larger than it actually is.


"Yea that's my dick"

"Dude, that feels like a soda can"

"Shut up"


"(mumbles) That ain't no soda can blah..."


"Nothing... I ain't soda poppin. What's for dinner?"
by the merf February 05, 2007
33 17
A man, woman, or animal characterized by their extreme love of junk (i.e. balls, scrot, or cock), being lodged particulary within their individual anus.
"What do you want to do tonight?"

"Put it in my ass"

"How about a movie?"

"Put it in my ass"

"Man you're a real junk donkey"

"Yea. Put it in."
by the merf January 27, 2007
8 3
When you fuck peoples so raw and hard that they demand to see your anatomically correct penis, so as to assure that it is not a soda can, broadsword, street knife, Jose Canseco bat.

"Yeah, I'm fucking you raw bitch."

"Wait, are you most positive?"

"Yeah, don't you fuck dick me whore."

"Let me see that cock, yo!"

"BLAH!!!" -(cums in her face)-

"Damn, papi! You aint never been fuck dicking me. You just huge like the worms from Tremors starring Kevin Bacon!"

"Sci-FI and my cock go hand in hand. In yo puss-puss!"
by the merf February 05, 2007
8 21