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Any hamrlessly self-cetered being or act; perpetraitor is usually cute in appearence. A Tegoshi yuya(or a tegoshi yuya act) will use their "seemingly" oblivious characters to manipulate others into doing whatever they want.
A tegoshi yuya act occurs in forms such as...

tego- I'm thirsty!
friend 1- Here's some water *pours*
tego- water makes me hungry ><
friend 2- I'll go buy some food, friend 1 pass me my jacket, please!
tego- I'm so tired *yawns*
friend 3- You can sleep on my shoulder while friend 1 pours you water and friend 2 buys you food!

example 2

tego- wowww~~ what a nice bag you have, Louis Vitton is my favorite! X)
"best" friend- ohh you like Louis Vuitton?
tego- yeah, but I don't have enough money to buy it, of course ^^;;
*a few days later*
tego- wowww~~ an LV jacket for winter!! you shouldn't have =O I can't accept it!
"best" friend- no! I insist!! Take it as an early easter present! :D
by the incredible man October 04, 2007
a special book of which sexually deprived people, usually fans of japanese rock, purchase to satisfy their needs
A few days after he bought "fool's mate," the infamous magazine; he started to become immensely arroused, as he scanned over a page featuring gackt's newest naked album.
by the incredible man August 28, 2007

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