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4 definitions by the dame duck

to do somthing but accomplish nothing
standing up a mail box jut to watch the wind push it over again, thats like fucking a dead dog
by the Dame Duck May 13, 2009
fucking up sombody's plans to do somthing
John was going to go racing but i "threw a wrench in his shit" and poped his tiers
by The Dame Duck May 13, 2009
all bullshit asaide iam going to kick your ass
shut the hell up befor i thumb yeah like a bass
by the Dame Duck May 13, 2009
a more subtle term of go fuck your self
johns care breaks down at a red light, he get out and asks the fella behind him to help push his car off the road. the guy responsjust call a tow truck dumbass. so john replys to him hey why dont you jump up my ass!!
by the dame duck May 15, 2009