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Beliefs ushered in through the lyrics and then-beliefs of Ian Mackaye (Teen Idles, Minor Threat era). Although he exclaims fervently that he did not mean to start a movement, and defended himself in the second version of "Out of Step", it did spark a movement.

Basic Beliefs:
No drinking
No smoking
No promiscuous sex

Newer Innovations:
Atheism - idea of "think don't pray"
Veganism / Vegetarianism
Exemption from Painkillers, Caffine etc.
Hardline Ethic

xXx - supposedly for each of the main beliefs
sXe - straight edge abbreviation
X on the hands - typically seen at shows
x *lame screename* x - seen in every aim window

Types of Edge Kids:
1) The one who knows straight edge is a personal lifestyle and keeps his beliefs to himself

2) Pseudo edge kid, who puts x's on his hands at every show, goes vegan, and sells out the following month

3) Hardline kid - tries to force edge on others, just a meathead who has no idea of the positive nature straight edge is supposed to be

Edge Bands:
Gorilla Biscuits
Chain of Strength
Earth Crisis
Have Heart
Carry On
"I was reliving all those times we shared, and it's hard,
because you used to be so strong but time has changed you.
You turned away.
I keep trying to escape from the past.
But those days used to mean so much.
We stood side by side and nothing else mattered.
We were straight edge and at least I still am."

Excerpt from "The Decline" by Champion
by the core has grown soft December 12, 2005

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