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Also wubbed out

To be suffering a dubstep headache, resulting from too much wub-wub in too little time - similar to an ice cream headache.
Man I gotta get out of here I'm so dubbed out.
by the coolest hobo June 20, 2011
Commonly regarded in Tennessee as the most glorious gift of God since Slim Jims.
Hick: Well a'course god is real! If he ain't, who created dubba down sammiches!!

Me: uh, KFC?

Hick: Naw god done dun it thru KFC. Yuns best be a-findin' jesus and a dubba down sammich 'fur its too late!

Me: I would respond to that, but I seriously have no idea what you just said.
by the coolest hobo June 16, 2011
Dude why do you smell like hobo cologne? Money really tight this month?
by the coolest hobo June 16, 2011
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