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A homosexual male of non-Asian descent who is predominantly attracted to Asian males. Contrary to derisive stereotype, rice queens may fall within a wide age range, as may the objects of their physical and romantic attraction. The professed rice queen does not necessarily project a racist ideal of the submissive Asian onto his desired partner, though cases of this kind of projection do exist. Moreover, relationships between rice queens and potato queens in which the Asian partner enacts the sexual bottom role are not inevitably plagued by an unequal or exploitative power dynamic. Nor does rice queen status necessarily signal an Orientalist fetish; in many cases, the rice queen will simply tend to be attracted to certain physical features genetically common among males of Asian descent.
Jeff may be a top and a bit of a rice queen, but he loves and respects his gaysian boyfriend.
by the contemplative gaysian January 22, 2006
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