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a place you dread or hate..
this planet is filled with so many idots it's one giant hell hole!!
by the chosen one April 20, 2005
Originated in (obviously) Gipton. It means to headbut someone, whilst trying to make it sound "pleasant"
What eh? Do you want a Gipton kiss?
by The chosen one March 13, 2005
a chastiser of children
to club a kid.
by the chosen one August 20, 2003
The Father of The Chosen One
You are deprived of making decent jokes.
by The Chosen One May 10, 2003
to want to have sex with wade
I fuck jeremy shores' family, cuz he's a batch and a gd wading pool.
by The Chosen One January 12, 2004
Part of Shakira the Laten dancer's last name.
Jimmy Fallon said on the VMA's..."That was Shakira Pinklestein! What, what?..oh shes not using her last name anymore?" lol haha
by the chosen one July 25, 2003
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