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What blacks call any black person who does one or all of the following:

1.doesn't behave in a loud, ghetto, ignorant, and ebonics-speaking fashion.

2. Doesn't care for rap, hip hop, or other loud booty-shaking music .

3. SDemonstrates a healthy & open attraction/interest towardswhether in friendship or dating] other races or cultures besides their own.

4. Is of mixed race and openly claims it.

Basically any African American who acts like a civilized, courteous, open minded and coherent member of society.
According to most blacks, because I am quieter/calmer, acknowledge both my mulatto black AND white racial heritage, prefer rock, techno, industrial, and country music over rap, use words with more than 2 syllables , and hang out with friends of white background I am white-washed and betraying my race.
by that1biracialchick May 20, 2012

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