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a gangster hat is a hat that is worn but abnormally large black men or by ghetto white people. the individual wearing the hat looks liek he/she has an iq of about 3 and looks very mean. the gangst"a" hat defies the laws of gravity and usually rests at an angle that the average human would have to super glue to achieve. some gagnsta hats have hundreds of teams on them such as in the mlb that the wearer of the hat has never even heard of and probably has never watched baseball in there lifetime.the colors of the team or city the hat is "reppin" is usually colors that have nothing to do with th team or city such as a yankees hat being birght purple, neon green, and pacer yellow. also,the hat is 25 times to big for the individual wearing the hat and has the "fresh from the store, extended bill" sticker on it, making the wearer...extra gangster. but, if the hat is even bent to the smallest degree..the hat is instantly thrown away becuase it is not gangsta anymore. also, if scuffed, it is to be throwin away immdieatly. the hat is worn many different ways...each one making you wonder how it stays on the head.
the hat also occaioanlly has a "shout out" to a fallen homie or a picture of micheal jordan on it.
p.s. the hat is worn with an extremely poofy jacket and a t-shirt that is XXXXXXXXXXXL in size
"ahh da'look at dat cats gangsta hat. hes got it so gangsta that it aint even on his head"

"dangg da', the bill on that gangsta hat will put yo eye out"

one knowledgeable cat says to a hat wearer" oo da' so u like the mariners"

wearer says" yeaa homie..micheal jordan played for them"...
by th3 foxy gr4npa January 05, 2008

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