3 definitions by tenkabuto

A gathering of swunts.
I wouldn't go over there, it's a swunt flock.
by tenkabuto December 17, 2007
A person so boring that they have used up all possibility of your being bored in order to further bore themselves.
Lets say that you and one other person had counters for how boring you both were. The other person would be so boring that they used up all of your boring points, therefore making them a "bore whore".
by tenkabuto September 06, 2007
Usually a code word meaning something along the lines of "...is so awesome I'd rather not ramble on about how awesome it is, so I'll just say it's Penguins."

It can also give an auto-win in a "Yo' Momma" contest.
Yo' Momma's tits are SO Penguins.
by tenkabuto December 17, 2007

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