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A bong rip that uses more than one breath in order to achieve the highest levels of THC possible.

In essence, the smoker takes his/her first rip and instead of clearing the rip, he/she exhales through the nose, takes a small breath in through the nose, and continues milking their rip to be cleared later.
Tameem always takes a staged rip when he's trying to get moked. Bingers over everything.
#bong #rip #moked #thc #binger #milked #milk #milking #clear
by team moke out November 16, 2009
Bing is an synonym for bong (water pipe). The word comes from the act of taking a, bong rip, which in certain places in California are called bingers. Most commonly used amongst smokers who enjoy mokes often.
Yo, pass me the bing. I'm tryin to get moked before I drive home.

Yeah sure, just let me pack another binger real quick.
#bong #mokes #binger #mokey #marijuana #green #tree
by team moke out November 18, 2009
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