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To be utterly destroyed by a team or athlete of much higher caliber.
(1) FOB, please... We got Dwyane Wade. The Lakers are gonna get their asses steam rolled.
(2)Geezus, everybody Federer plays gets their ass steam rolled. I pity the fool who draws his side of the bracket.
by tbone343 September 06, 2005
Phrase to describe someone's breath which not only reeks, but does so to the extent that it has indeed achieved mastery of the art of stankin breath.
DAYAM nigga!!! ur breath is kickin' like Bruce Lee!. u betta take ur welfare check and buy some mentos or somethin. i'm out... holla at me next year - werd.
by tbone343 September 05, 2005
A big fat cock of exceptional girth and length.
Yeah man, she was so hot. When we finally made it to the crib, she said, "Whip out that big 10 inch asian tree trunk of yours!". I was like, "DAYAM WOMAN! You betta call Tyrone! I'm out, bitch. PEACE"
by tbone343 September 05, 2005
A big turd or loaf characterized by speckled pieces of food such as red pepper flakes, green pieces of seaweed, or even the occasional piece of corn making the shit resemble the pimento loaf we all know and love on our samich.
yo waddup hogan... shit before we go lemme go on and drop this pimento loaf.. i been bakin this mofo since that curry last night.
by tbone343 September 05, 2005
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