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when a male has sex with a female partner in the anus and then procedes to ejaculate. he then keeps his penis inside her anal cavity until he becomes soft. then the male urinates while still inside the anal cavity of the woman. when the mixture is deficated out, it comes out yellowish-white, much like a lemon cream pie.
"dude, last night i did that girl in the ass!"

"did you give her a lemon creamer?"

"ALL DAY!!!!!!!"
by tatedogg41 March 29, 2009
the act of farting into a turkey baster and then proceeding to squeeze that said fart into an unsuspecting persons
Steve: Last thanksgiving my father prepared the turkey. While I was making the stuffing my father perfomed a butter cup blaster on me, which unfortunately led to my demise.

Andy: Sucks to be you man.
by tatedogg41 December 31, 2009

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