1 definition by tabby fan 235

sexual position: variation of standard missionary position except female is lying on a hard floor, her buttocks up against a couch with the male inclined from the couch onto her with all weight transfer to her shoulder/ head region during intercourse.
'macedonian masher' - typically performed in a finished European basement with second kitchen set-up and ceramic flooring throughout. Perform the 'macedonian masher' ideally with your knees balance on the front of the couch cushions, then lean forward onto your bitch with all your weight transfer to her shoulders and head. Use your arms to perform pushups during each thrust to vary the amount of weight you apply to her shoulders and head. Preferable to use small , petite woman to be able to concentrate force of male chest into her face during intercourse, use the push-up motion to allow her to breathe periodically.
by tabby fan 235 October 25, 2007

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