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There is alot of americans (n sum auzzies) dissin MY country, saying that--
1-we are mongrels,
2.we never brush our teet,
3.we hate the irish,
4.we eat crumpets an scones an drink tea all day,
5.'can't go five minutes without diving into a bottle '.
6.we cant do sport despite inventing them all,
7.we are patriotic,
8.have stupid accents,
9.we are stuck up and claim that we hate america baecuase there men come over and shag all our women ..WTF.
10. automaticaly think were from london

all i can say in reply is

1.how can the americian call us mongreals when we fecking discovered there fecking country
2.we do brush our teeth that is why we dont need to spend £££ getting them whitened etc
3. we dont hate the irish there cool n have amazing FIT accents
4. we hardly ever eat scones n crumptets n so what if we drink tea..it beats sitting on fat asses eating double bugers chips and coke
5. we can go plenty a time with out a drink, u guys just dont no how to have fun. an at least we dont try an fix all our troubles by going on 'trisha' or 'the jeremy kyle show' an gettin cruddy counclling. n if 1 of us were n acholic at least we wouldnt sue the alchol comoany for getting us drunk. (think fat people suing maccds or smokers suing the ciggy company)
6.yes thankyou we did invent them all, an america can hardly critisize us for sport skills we are indeed much better then them at fotball (the most popular sport of all) and 2 u auzzie peeps out there im quite psoitve we won the ashes from you AND we won rugby world cup..and at least we dont call football soccer.
7. WTF most people hate the queen or dont have ne opinion on her theres the occasional old women that collects royal family shit. its called culture (no not hollywood C-U-L-T-U-R-E)
8. most americans probly dont even know what n english accent is (they probly think we all act an talk like hugh grant when actualy hes a twat hus very un-english) there isnt really n english accent cause pretty much every where in england has a different bloody accent.
9. from a girls point of view english men are generally much fitter and a hell of a lot less anooying then americans alothgh auzzies r OK. Most girls like a guy with a GSOH n sorry but most americans tend to be missing that trate.
10. im not from london there is alot of othere place but london ... look it up it you really must.

... So what if America is the nmber 1 power of the world there also the number 1 cause for global warming and dont come any where for trying to prevent it.

sorry about all the typos but im lazy an cant type
American- Wooo i rule cause' im Americian

Englishman- sure wateva u say

Irishman- Hey Mr. England were mates ya know

American- no ur not u h8 each ova now fight kill kill kill lets start a war over nothink n drop aload of atomic bombs n kill sum people.

American2- nah we did that yes2day

Australian- HEY u english guy guve us back our ashes
by sydney rules dis worlde June 16, 2006

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