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Unfit chicks that hang out at Nantasket Beach
Some pale Cruller Crushers from Dorchester just landed on the beach with a full-on assortment from Dunkin Donuts.
by Surf Zombie April 15, 2010
To be very excited
I just won the lottery. This is a full on nips north situation.
by Surf Zombie October 02, 2010
Someone who is "big time" nuts
That bitch went macro psychotic when she saw the other chick wearing the same dress!
by surf zombie November 04, 2010
When you start trying to mack on a variety of chicks, but none are hotter than your current.
Similar to diversification in investing, this is the opposite. You try to branch out, but end up worse off with your new investments.

Example: Troy Dog is suffering through deworsification right now becauase those two new chicks are nowhere near what his ex-girlfriend looked like....and they are a pain in the ass to boot...
by surf zombie August 31, 2011
When a Mac computer gets hacked.
Damn, my computer just got MACKED by a big time virus.
by surf zombie April 13, 2012
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