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A person who is so lazy and depressing that his/her mere presence drains you of energy, motivation and the very will to live.
rich: jesus christ man im so tired.
john:are you ok or did joe walk in the room?
rich:yeah he did, god hes the grim reaper of energy.
by sundialist17 January 26, 2011
An asshole of a person that has for so long stewed in their own fetid juices of bitterness that they become the ultra douche," a douche pickle."
jay: How bad do you think that george was picked on in highschool?
ed: Ihave a feeling that hes been ridiculed his entire life. hes so bitter. what a douche pickle.
by sundialist17 May 22, 2011
a person who has small arms resembling a pipecleaner, and is usually a pussy.
person 1:dude your arms are pathetic
person 2:stop makin fun of my arms man!
person 1:you got pipe cleaner arms bro! what a pussy!
ex: matt has pipe cleaner arms.
by sundialist17 January 26, 2011
A person who is painfully average would rate on a scale of 1-10 directly in the middle, a 5. This causes the person to become almost invisible because of their mediocrity rendering them completely undesirable. Therefore it's better to be a 4 than a 5.
I'd rather be with Rachel than Amy. Rachel's a 4 but it's better than being with a painfully average 5.
by Sundialist17 February 12, 2014
Someone who has been fucked over by God with genetics, (a genetic disgrace.) Gods' Trifecta is when your fat, ugly and bald this especially pertains to a woman with these characteristics. Totally unsavory, The Lord continues to work in mysterious ways.
This woman came shuffling in with the mail today, she received Gods' Trifecta. She was 300 pounds, looked like Mortimer snerd and had the hairline of Peter Boyle.
by Sundialist17 February 12, 2014
A sudden epiphany after banging a fat chick that occurs after you climax when you realize that you are one fucked up twisted motherfucker.
Ronan: I took this chick home last nite who was a deuce and a half. After I played a game of pick a fold with her and came, I had my moment of post orgasmic clarity.
by sundialist17 July 23, 2012

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