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A band that was led by an emotionally disturbed heroin addict with serious image problems, with a seven foot tall Serbian kid on bass, and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters kick ass!) on drums. They gained popularity by playing slightly more 'popular' type music, and once everyone was listening, they switched to playing what they really loved - coarse, rough grunge with messed up lyrics. Nirvana was probably one of the greatest bands to surface after the revival of the sixties and seventies ran out of steam. A band who's music was so good, they didn't need 'deep' or 'meaningful' lyrics. People, it was just Kurt screaming into the mic about his girl problems and stuff he saw during acid trips. Stop trying to find meaning in music, and just chill!
Nirvana was a cool band. Why the fuck did Kurt Cobain have to shoot himself?
by suburban guy October 07, 2005

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