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The condition known as lipoatrophy where individuals taking drugs (protease inhibitors and anti-retrovirals) for the treatment of HIV and/or AIDS loose fat from the face and body. Sometimes the fat is redistributed to the abdomen area causing sufferers to do a lot of ab workouts like crunches, etc. The result can cause said individuals to look very much like world class athletes.
Conversation overheard at the gym:

Guy 1: "Have you noticed how cut Charles Johnson has gotten? He works out all the time and looks really lean. He must only eat lean meat and salad."

Guy 2: "He eats a lot of meat alright but not the kind you're talking about. Haven't you heard? Miss Thang be on the AIDS diet!"
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot June 06, 2009
dance music so god-awfully gay that nelly queens within a mile radius can't help but take off their shirts and dance, showing off their gym titties (or pec implants)
Michael Patrick: GIRL!, the titty tunes at the dance club last night were FIERCE! My manpussy is still tired!

James Charles: Bitch, you go girl!
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot May 26, 2009
a homosexual (or metrosexual, same thing, duh), most often a waiter or retail worker with low self-esteem, who delights in wearing the most cutting edge of hairstyles and or fashions. experts believe the wearing of such garbage is in the mind of the trendy tranny what makes them "fierce!"
"did you see james-charles' new haircut at the disco last night? he certainly is kansas city's foremost trendy tranny!"

"perez hilton is just a sad trendy tranny."
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot March 24, 2008
Any large gathering where HIV-positive gay men do a lot of drugs and have unprotected sex. It's because of behavior like this that we make sure to continue spending millions of tax-payer dollars on AIDS funding and research.
Chuck: You look like you're limping. Did you fall down a flight of stairs?

James-Charles: No, I just got back from IML (International Mister Leather) in Chicago. It's a total AIDS fest and I got pounded like a nail! Now what did I do with my AZT?
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot June 08, 2009
1. a "straight" man who moisturizes his face with fresh semen (not his own)

2. a "straight" man who uses the sauna at the gym because "it's good for the skin"

3. a "straight" man who has an usually close relationship with his personal trainer Klaus

erica and james-michael got into a fight because he used all her lip gloss. if he weren't a metrosexual, i'd swear he was gay.
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot March 24, 2007
1. wiggas and niggas playing a stereo very loud because they have small penises

2. a sad cry for attention

kevin (aka k-dawg) was always subwoofing because his father never loved him.
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot March 24, 2007
white trash; when white people act black
Mary sure WT'd all up in the hip-hop club. She sho' nuff had the jungle fever!
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot January 15, 2008

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