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well, it's obvious...fraud amongst the food chain. the industrial food chain and the items posing as "food" that are seriously killing people and leading to disastrous epidemics like childhood diabetes and OBESITY. this is superbly perplexing and intriguing as not many people actually consume "food" and if they do, it is rare. the real trouble with food fraud is how most people have no idea what the eff they are actually eating and the environmental/ecological footprint it creates.
person 1: "Hey man, let's go grab some McDonalds!!"
person 2: "Oh hell no, they are committing major food fraud over there! 45 of their 60 menu items are made from corn!!"
person 1: "Oh come on, you must be joking, it is delicious there and we can eat a bunch of shit for under $10!"
person 2: "We can eat a bunch of shit is right!!!"
#antonyms: whole foods #healthy synonyms: junk food #fast food #corn syrup #petrochemicals
by stillstara November 16, 2011
Nearo waste is the new zero waste. Zero waste is an inapplicable term because something always gets wasted. Nearo is the nearest to zero waste. It is a melding of the words near and zero obviously! Zero waste is a great concept but unless you run naked in the forest with a pack of wolves and use nothing you are not applying zero waste....actually one could even argue that wolves are wasting....okay you get the idea.
"Hey wanna come to this nearo waste party where there won't be any individually bottled drinks and all the food scraps will be composted?"

I am living a nearo waste lifestyle because I am breaking the habit of over-consumption and recycling plastic bottles over and over and I also compost food (nondairy and non-meat) waste!
#zero waste #over-consumption #waste #recycle #reuse
by stillstara November 05, 2011
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