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it's just wonderful to see all these spoiled brats saying how terrible their own country is. now i definately admit that america has problems, but can you name a country that doesn't? yes our politicians are complete idiots but that's just politics people; it's been that way forever and it doesn't show signs of changing.

before saying how much America sucks, lets look at some positives:
1) Almost every American home has electricity, a phone, a tv, a computer, etc.
2) you can walk into a grocery store and see more food than a lot of people will ever see in a lifetime.
3) you have access to education 100% free. it's not their fault if you people don't want to do good in school.
4) 95% of Americans are employed. how's that compared to the rest of the world?
5) how about our emergency services? if your house catches fire, at least 3 firetrucks will show up in minutes and risk their lives to save your house. and should anyone be hurt, they take you a hospital to get quality medical care.
6) do you like insulting the government? lucky you're not in a 3rd world country where they would either shoot you on sight or hang you from the nearest tree if they heard any criticism.
7) let's take another look at 3rd world countries: are there any masked men walking down your street with AK47s prepared to shoot someone just for fun? how about the fact that the POOREST Americans are better off that most average citizens in Africa and Asia.
8) can you name any terrorist attacks since 9/11? looks like all that "horrible" treatment of POWs paid off.
9) whether the media wants to admit it or not, we have the most powerful military in the world and no other country can seriously contend with us
10) so much more stuff i'll never know about. there are people working 24/7 to keep us all safe from any and all threats.
So, given that, let's us Americans remember all the good things about our nation before we're so quick to say what a shit hole it is.
by stephen jones March 03, 2008

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