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A play on the phrase "Scratch and Sniff" Smelling your own fart by cupping the air around your butt with your hand, after farting, and bringing it to your nose.
I hope my farts don't smell too bad ... I'm going to have to "Catch and Sniff", to make sure, because I have a hot date tonight.
by Spiced Boogaloo January 15, 2012
The Record label started by Paul McCartney & John Lennon, of the Beatles. Long ago before Apple computers were out of diapers !!
I have all the Beatles records on all their labels including Apple that they own.
by Spiced Boogaloo January 03, 2013
A sweet strong-willed intelligent beauty, sometimes fresh. Knows her own mind. Knows what she wants, but asks herself before getting it "Do I need it". A rare quality in females!!
That girl is so smart she's a Maryalissa !!
by Spiced Boogaloo February 05, 2010
Sending random nonsense messages to friends and family, but meant in a fun,and loving, non threatening way.
Dad : Hey feel free to send me pixof you and my granddaughter anytime.
Daughter : ok daddy.. I'll 'SPAM YOU' from time to time..
by Spiced Boogaloo November 30, 2014

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