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Supposedly one of the best schools in Michigan. Actually, it's a high school more pretentious than Cranbrook Kingswood. The teachers assign so much work, it isn't uncommon to stay up three nights in a row. Not to mention that it's all pointless busywork. Presumably, it's because of the presence of MSU, but really, it's just another rich suburban school, but different that it PRETENDS to be "tolerant" and "intellectual".

Half the kids are pretentious hipsterfags, who hate african-american culture and believe that rap is only about sex and drugs. The term "diversity" only applies to rich asians that take 20 AP classes, but not to commuters from south lansing that have to take three buses. These kids are troublemakers that listen to rap, which again, is the Devil's music, probably because it doesn't meet the gold standards of "political correctness". Oh, don't even think of discussing your right-wing views, unless you want to be shunned by the entire school, teachers and all. The liberals are always right and unquestionable, and if you criticize Obama, you are racist. Religious christians also face persecution. And anyone who questions a hipster's arrogance is hated, ironically.

It is a very narrow and closeminded place. Just transfer to LCC or something. On the bright side, the new principal is pretty cool, though.
Regular Person: Do you actually know anything about Republicanism, or do you only listen to Michael moore? Not all republicans are bad people. There are some things I wonder about today's democrats...


Regular Person: Fuck You, BITCH *punches hipster*

I slept four hours a night just to get into college, weekends included. The work at Michigan State is way easier, but its a party school. Actually, I am learning far more at State, but if ELHS told me it was a party school, I will listen to them without making my own judgement, since they are better as determined by those "rankings".

I was glad to go to MSU and meet normal people.
by spartanegr November 14, 2011

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