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6 definitions by spaagen

the runs, the hershey squirts, the squits, the trots, the craps, Montezuma's revenge, blowing mud, pissing from the butt.

i.e. diarrhea
An hour after I ate Bob's chili I was blasting the porcelain throne with my brown laser.
by spaagen December 15, 2008
None of your Damn Business

Used to answer outrageous requests for personal information, as opposed to just NOYB, reserved for more mild cases.
Bozeman, MT HR person: If you want a job here, you'll have to give me your facebook, myspace and youtube user names and passwords.

Job Applicant: sure - it's the same for all three - my user name is John_Smith and my password is NOYDB.
by Spaagen June 21, 2009
Educated Wild-Ass Guess

A guess where you don't know the answer, but you do know something about the subject in general, so your answer will be better than just a WAG (Wild-Ass Guess).
Bob: Hey John, what's a Drosophila melanogaster.

John: Not sure. From my extensive knowledge of ancient Greek I can tell you "Drosophila" means "dew lover" and "melanogaster" means "fruit-eater". My EWAG would be some kind of fruit eating bug.

Bob (under breath): "What a Putz. I'll just look it up on wikipedia."
by spaagen September 05, 2009
A stress-relieving social event centered around the destruction of an old major appliance with sledge-hammers, Axes, or other old major appliances.

The Fäagen is the appliance, while the Späagen is either the impliment of destruction or the guy holding it.
When one of the brothers was given an old semi-functional dish-washer by his aunt, everyone took the even older donated almost-entirely-non-functional dishwasher out back, Späagen-Fäagen-ed it, and threw its flattened remains on the bon-fire.
by spaagen June 21, 2009
As The Crow Flies - the straight line (/ great circle) distance between two points, as opposed to the longer distance required to drive between them if you prefer staying on asphalt.
It's only 11 miles ATCF but since the bridge is out it's a 70 mile drive.
by spaagen November 28, 2010
feed bankruptcy is the result of being away from social media for so long that it is impossible to catch up on all the posts in your feed since you were last logged on.
Jeff: "Been away for the weekend. Declaring feed bankruptcy. None of y'all did anything interesting anyways, right?"
by spaagen August 24, 2011